Dr. John B. Chessare

Daily Record Staff//March 31, 2023

Dr. John B. Chessare

By Daily Record Staff

//March 31, 2023


Dr. John B. Chessare

President & CEO, GBMC Healthcare System

Dr. John Chessare has been in health care and hospital administration for more than 30 years and leads with a positive leadership style.

“Across the world, people in health care are fabulous people,” said Chessare, a pediatrician and president and CEO of the Greater Baltimore Medical Center HealthCare System since 2010.

“Many of them go into it to help others, and when things don’t go well, it’s almost never because of them. It’s almost always because the system is poorly designed. So, it’s very important to be positive around your people.

“We realize that we have a lot of work to do to improve the American health care system, but we have fabulous people, the best trained clinicians in the world.”

Chessare had two administrative positions before GBMC: senior vice president for medical affairs at Boston Medical Center from 1988 to 2005, and president of Caritas Norwood Hospital near Boston from 2005 to 2008.

How has the pandemic changed your view on your job or broader profession?

It reminded me of the importance of not-for-profit health care focusing on its mission.

What’s your best advice for someone who aspires to your job?

Stay focused on your vision and don’t get distracted by the commentaries of people who don’t really know.

Who has been the most influential person in your life and why?

My dad because he was an excellent leader who kept things in perspective.

What do you do for fun and why?

I jog and I listen to jazz. I jog so I can eat more than I should. I listen to jazz because I love the music.

This profile is part of The Daily Record's Health Care Power List for 2023. Information used in this profile was sourced from the honoree. See the full list at thedailyrecord.com.

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