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Dr. Theodore L. DeWeese

Daily Record Staff//March 31, 2023

Dr. Theodore L. DeWeese

By Daily Record Staff

//March 31, 2023


Dr. Theodore L. DeWeese

Interim Dean of the Medical Faculty & CEO, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Dr. Theodore L. DeWeese’s first job was auto parts clerk and mechanic for a Ford dealership. DeWeese took some accounting classes at night with the urging of his mother, but found his passion in an introduction to chemistry class. He eventually earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry with a minor in biology before at attending medical school at University of Colorado.

“I rolled the dice. No one in my family had been to college, much less medical school. That seemed like such a reach,” DeWeese said.

How has the pandemic changed your view on your job or broader profession?

The pandemic has changed all of our lives in many ways, both personally and professionally, including in our roles as health care providers. For me, it has deepened my long-term commitment to advancing health equity in our most vulnerable communities, the people with whom we live and work in Baltimore and who were so disproportionately affected by the pandemic.

What’s your best advice for someone who aspires to your job?

Given the mission associated with Johns Hopkins – research, patient care, and education – I would suggest they acquire a substantive background in each element of the mission, so they are comfortable leading teams on each.

Who has been the most influential person in your life and why?

My mother, who sacrificed so much for me and was always supportive of me. The other most influential person was my mentor at Hopkins, Dr. Donald Coffey. He was one of Hopkins’ leading scientists and I learned more from him than just about research.

I learned about how to help channel the passion of others on the team to reach a collective goal, how to be sure to recognize and value everyone’s contributions to the team and to be sure to always follow your passion.

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