Brad Phillips

Daily Record Staff//April 28, 2023

Brad Phillips

By Daily Record Staff

//April 28, 2023


Higher Education Power ListBrad Phillips

Executive Director, Maryland Association of Community Colleges

A veteran of 20 years of work in the field of higher education policy, Brad Phillips took over as executive director of the Maryland Council of Community Colleges in July 2021.

Phillips earned his master’s degree  in liberal studies from Georgetown University and doctorate in higher education management at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education.

What is the biggest challenge facing higher education?

I believe strongly that community colleges are one of the most valuable tools Maryland has in generating economic prosperity, creating engaged citizens, and lifting families out of poverty and placing them on a path to economic prosperity. Yet too often, policymakers narrowly define what higher education looks like and miss an opportunity to help adults and other students seeking workforce credentials, which undermine our state from reaching its full economic potential.

What is the most encouraging new development in higher education?

There is recognition that to be prosperous in today’s economy, it will require some type of experience beyond high school but not necessarily a bachelor’s degree. Our fastest growing offerings involve economic development credentials in high-tech fields, as well as apprenticeship opportunities. Our programs are diverse, our students are diverse, and community colleges are well positioned to lead. More than ever before, the road to the middle class begins with community colleges.

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