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Dana Robinson

Dana Robinson

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Dana Robinson

Senior Director of Health & Affiliate Communication
Planned Parenthood Federation of America

What is your most significant accomplishment?

With constant threats to women’s rights, both nationally and locally, I often celebrate the small wins. However, what I consider to be very significant is being part of the team who advocated to pass the Maryland Contraceptive Equity Act of 2016. The law provided Maryland women and men in state-regulated plans expanded access to birth control, at little to no cost. It also ensured that cost will no longer be a barrier to anyone seeking birth control. I led the communication strategy and implementation of this, giving messaging guidance to patients, insurers, and other community providers.

In 2016, my team knew that we needed to pass forward thinking legislation given the campaign promises of the anti-birth control/anti-abortion presidential candidates. The Contraceptive Equity Act enhanced, expanded, and continues to protect access to contraception, regardless of any federal actions. Birth control is basic health care and shouldn’t be controversial. It should be affordable and easy to get. Yet far too many people already struggle to access the birth control they need to live healthy, independent lives. I am very proud to have been a significant team member who worked to improve public health throughout Maryland and the nation by starting an affirmative conversation about no copay birth control and all that it makes possible.

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