Dr. Sarah Hemminger

Daily Record Staff//May 9, 2023

Dr. Sarah Hemminger

By Daily Record Staff

//May 9, 2023

Dr. Sarah Hemminger

Co-founder and CEO

What is your most significant accomplishment?

Founding Thread with my husband Ryan, while completing my doctorate in biomedical engineering at Johns Hopkins University has been my most significant professional accomplishment.

Thread believes that building relationships across lines of difference can break down systemic walls of separation, leading to improved and equitable individual and collective outcomes and creating a community where everyone can thrive.

Thread commits to the young people we enroll for 10 years and have never unenrolled a student since our founding in 2004. Historically, first-year high school students in Baltimore with GPAs below 1.0 graduate at a rate of 6%. Despite having an average incoming GPA of 0.76, Thread’s students outperform their peers, with 57% graduating in four years. Our overall graduation rates are even higher, with 77% graduating within six years of starting high school and 57% completing a two- or four-year degree or certification program.

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