Erin K. Lamb, Ph.D.

Daily Record Staff//May 9, 2023

Erin K. Lamb, Ph.D.

By Daily Record Staff

//May 9, 2023

Erin K. Lamb, Ph.D.


What is your most significant personal accomplishment?

Completing my doctorate while working full time and raising my two daughters is my greatest achievement. I have a personal passion for advocacy and public policy, and my doctoral program gave me the opportunity to grow in the knowledge and skills I need to be an advocate for overlooked, underserved populations who deserve a voice. It’s been a gift to see that passion overlap with my professional life — recognizing and celebrating that I am a creative connector and problem solver and infusing these traits into my whole person has been a truly rewarding experience. It is significant to me because I was raised to be small and quiet but have created a vibrant loud life.

Please provide an example of mentoring:

I have been participating in the Mentoring Monday program of the Baltimore Business Journal since 2018. Through that work, I met a young professional who asked me to be her mentor and we have been working together since 2020. She recently left a long-time role at an academic institution to join Deloitte and I’m proud that my work with her helped facilitate the courage to make the change.

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