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Ganesha Martin

Ganesha Martin

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Ganesha Martin

Founder and CEO
Let’s Meet In The Middle

What is your most significant accomplishment?

This may sound a bit weird, but my most significant accomplishment thus far is the decision to stay the course after the murder of George Floyd and the recent killing of Tyre Nichols. On both occasions, I really questioned if I was doing enough and if I should give up. After much prayer and thought, decided to stick with police reform. I think it will be one of the most consequential decisions in my life.

Please share an example of mentoring:

I met a young woman through an internship on a consulting project. She was getting her master’s degree and she had decided to focus on consent degrees and police reform. She asked if she could speak with me about her thesis. That conversation turned into a once-a-month phone call where I talk her through the roller coaster of emotions that comes with this work. particularly as a Black woman. I listened in virtually to lend support to her during her thesis presentation, helped her through her job search and now support her in making future career decisions. Just last week I had the fortune to offer her a role on a project I am working on so that she can continue to build her résumé and skills in the profession she loves!

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