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Niharika Khanna

Niharika Khanna

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Niharika Khanna

Professor of Family & Community Medicine and Associate Chair Population Health Sciences
University of Maryland School of Medicine

Most Significant Accomplishments:

During the pandemic- Directing a team of 32 professionals from the University, and multiple members of eight (8) community organizations to reach 14 million people in the community regarding information about the COVID-19 vaccine, to host >3200 community events, and facilitating 13,066 COVID-19 vaccinations

Terameprocol patent. US Patent 8440,648 B2 issued on May 30th, 2013, for Terameprocol Co-Inventor ‘Methods and Compositions for Treatment of Intrepithelial Neoplasia’. (for Terameprocol)
International Application No. PCT/US2005/025639, filed July 19, 2005, which was published in the English language on February 9, 2006, under International Publication No. WO 2006/014669 A2, and also claims the benefit under 35 U.S.C. §119(e)(1) of U.S. provisional application 60/589,418, filed July 20, 2004

Teaching a couple of generations of medical students and family medicine residents. Supporting women residents in balancing their professional and personal lives.

Most Significant Personal Accomplishment:

Serving as an excellent mentor to women — supporting women residents in balancing their professional and personal lives.

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