Robin McKinney

Daily Record Staff//May 9, 2023

Robin McKinney

By Daily Record Staff

//May 9, 2023

Robin McKinney

Chief Executive Officer
CASH Campaign of Maryland

What is your most significant accomplishment?

My most significant accomplishment is co-leading my organization through a year-long merger process to become the CASH Campaign of Maryland.

We effectively designed a shared leadership model, which is exceedingly rare for nonprofit organizations.

This model allows the CEO and COO to have oversight for specific parts of the work, but then jointly report to the board and collaboratively lead the organizational strategy. We not only merged two organizations into a seamless team of 15 people and built a board to start a nonprofit from scratch, but we also raised $2.2 million and increased direct services by 4% — all in one year!

As of 2022, CASH now has annual revenue over $5 million, 21 full-time staff and was awarded administration for Mayor Scott’s Baltimore Young Families Success Fund. In 2022, CASH and its partners prepared 13,360 tax returns claiming $28,500,000 in federal and state refunds. CASH and its partners also served 11,129 clients through financial education, 104 clients through financial coaching, 270 households through benefits screening and 358 households through financial navigation.

Please share an example of mentoring experiences.

Outside of the office, I mentor others through informational interviews for students, newcomers to Maryland and anyone who wants to learn about the field of financial capability. I am dedicated to helping people solve problems they are facing and making connections with those who can be of assistance to others. While this mentorship is informal, I have received an abundance of positive feedback from people who appreciated that I was so willing and open with my network. The issues that I am committed to are large, so we need as many hands on as possible.

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