Stephanie Bagley

Daily Record Staff//May 9, 2023

Stephanie Bagley

By Daily Record Staff

//May 9, 2023

Stephanie Bagley

SCB Management Solutions Inc.

What is your most significant accomplishment?

The most significant was changing the trajectory of my career and life when I decided to go to college eight years after graduating from high school and completing my degree within five years while working full time. That was almost 30 years ago, however that one decision paved the way for every career opportunity, entrepreneurial journey and now the opportunity to continually give back to my community through job creation, serving as a mentor, and supporting local non-profit organizations.

I was selected as the commencement speaker for my graduation from UMUC (now UMGC). My message to my class was that we each had accomplished something remarkable–working while attaining our degrees; if we each share our stories that inspires just one other person, we have made a difference. I strive to continually pay it forward.

How have you mentored others?

With PIVOT of Baltimore helps women re-enter society and reclaim their lives following incarceration. I became involved with it in early 2019; first as a mentor to the participants including weekly interactive group sessions. That often meant just sharing my story (while not nearly the trauma those women have experienced) and they were often inspired by the change in my trajectory as business owner and minority.

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