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Introducing The Daily Record’s 2023 Cybersecurity Power List

Daily Record Staff//May 31, 2023

Introducing The Daily Record’s 2023 Cybersecurity Power List

By Daily Record Staff

//May 31, 2023

The emergence of cybersecurity as a top priority for businesses, governments and other organizations has been well documented in recent years. Many are the tales of a school district, a city or a major corporation that has seen its operations hacked, with expensive and operational consequences.

Tom Baden (file)
Thomas Baden Jr.

The men and women chosen for our first Cybersecurity Power List are at the cutting edge of technological advances to protect our digital assets. They’re also at the vanguard of teaching and bringing awareness to the best practices in cybersecurity today.

The Cybersecurity Power List was chosen by our editorial leadership. We reached out to readers and others for input and perspective.

In these pages we explore how Maryland’s cyber leaders view the industry’s challenges, what inspired them to work in this field and the lessons they would like to share.

This list is part of a series of Power Lists throughout 2023 that will showcase the most powerful figures in law, higher education, health care and other fields. At the end of the year, we’ll offer our Power 100 List, which focused on the most powerful women and men across Maryland.

You can find this and all our Power Lists here.

If you know of someone you think is a strong candidate for inclusion on our Power Lists, we’d love to hear from you. Just go to and tell us about the individual.

We hope you enjoy this publication and we welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Thomas Baden Jr.

See the Cybersecurity Power List digital edition here.

Keith Alexander
CEO, Founder, Chairman
IronNet Inc.

Michael Greenberger
Founder and Director
University of MD. Center for Health and Homeland Security

Nick Ascoli
Founder, CEO

Tasha Cornish
Executive Director

Anton Dahbura
Executive Director
JHU Information Security Institute

James Foster
Founder, CEO

Neal Frick
Cybercore Technologies

Gwen Greene

Karl Gumtow
Cyberpoint International

Diane M. Janosek
Deputy Director of Compliance

Tina Kuhn
Proximas Group

Angie Lienert
Founder, CEO

Donna Ruginski
Executive Director for Cybersecurity Initiatives

Michael Ryan
South River Technologies

Chris Sachse
CEO, Co-Founder

Joshua Toffler

Jennifer Walker
President, CEO
Resolute Technologies

Ellison Anne Williams
CEO, Founder

Tina Williams-Koroma
Founder, CEO

Amit Yoran

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