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Brendan Foley

Brendan Foley

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CEO, McCormick & Company

Brendan Foley joined McCormick & Company, the giant Hunt Valley-based spice manufacturing company, in 2015 as president of the Global Consumer and Americas Region. After holding a variety of leadership positions at the Fortune 500 company, he was named president and chief operating officer last year.

I am most passionate about addressing two critical areas – food insecurity and education. I’ve been committed to addressing the issue of food insecurity and working to reduce hunger within Maryland through my involvement with the Maryland Food Bank, where I served as board chair. It’s helped me understand the challenges that many face in securing food and I am committed to finding innovative solutions.”

Foley is a strong believer that improving access to education is key to driving societal progress, which is why he continued to contribute to Baltimore-area schools, supporting initiatives that provide financial aid and educator professional development.

Foley credits his parents as playing a pivotal role in shaping his work ethic and instilling the values of hard work and perseverance.

Secondly, he credits his wife and children, “who keep me humble and grounded, remind me of the importance of balance,” he said.

Professionally, Foley recognizes the managers he has had throughout his career as having a tremendous impact on his growth and development.

“Their support and investment in my potential have been invaluable. Even now, I strive to emulate their impact by creating that same environment of growth and mentorship for those who report to me, hoping to empower and inspire each of them,” Foley said.

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