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Begin your planning for aging relatives early
Posted by: Gary S. Williams on 2010-08-29
No one wants to see someone they love in a nursing home. That’s why many older Americans and their families would opt for home-based care whether it’s for a temporary illness or disability, or end-of-life. Yet the best time to plan for such an event is exactly at the time when no one wants to…
Category(s): Health Care
Experts: Time to revisit gospel of retirement planning
Posted by: Gary S. Williams on 2010-08-23
With stagnant incomes and roller-coaster investment returns over the past decade, individuals on the brink of retirement might wonder what became of all those “rules of thumb” affecting how they handle their nest egg once they walk away from their jobs. They’re still there. But the question of how well they work comes down to…
Category(s): Business
Include long-term care in retirement plans
Posted by: Gary S. Williams on 2010-08-15
Current estimates from AARP put the annual cost of a private nursing home room at a national average of $78,000. As older Americans are still struggling to reassemble their retirement plans from the worst economic downturn in 70 years, relatively few are considering the potentially most devastating threat to their plans: the spiraling cost of…
Category(s): Business
Good time for a financial review
Posted by: Gary S. Williams on 2010-08-01
This is not the time of year when everyone wants to stay indoors with their finances. But a midyear review of your tax situation, retirement and spending issues can be far more valuable than the rushed attempt most people make at the end of the year — or when it’s too late at tax time….
Category(s): Business
Cut your balances to build up credit score
Posted by: Gary S. Williams on 2010-07-19
It doesn’t take much these days to damage a credit score. Before the recession, late payments and blasting through credit limits would take its toll. But in the past year, Fair Isaac, the company that developed the algorithm that is the leading determinant of our scores, made an important change in its formula. It’s now…
Category(s): Business
Want to stay on the job? Do your homework
Posted by: Gary S. Williams on 2010-06-28
Last October, the MetLife Mature Market Institute released a study that said the over-55 work force will account for almost 93 percent of the net increase in the U.S. civilian labor force between 2006 and 2016. At the same time, MetLife reported that many American workers plan to stay on the job “at least” until…
Category(s): Business
Commentary: Consider writing a family mission statement
Posted by: Gary S. Williams on 2010-06-20
A family doesn’t need a surname like Vanderbilt to benefit from a family mission statement. A mission statement is a collaborative document created by one or more generations of family so standards and goals can be set for the handling of all family assets, including businesses and philanthropy in particular. While mission statements aren’t legal…
Category(s): Columns,Business
Saving for a child’s private school isn’t easy
Posted by: Gary S. Williams on 2010-06-13
Sending your child to private school is an expensive proposition. For most people, it’s made a little tougher by the fact that it’s necessary to save for a child’s college education at the same time. Some have the income that makes this easier, but for the rest, it’s necessary to create a pay-as-you-go system that…
Category(s): Business
Give smart and do research before donating
Posted by: Gary S. Williams on 2010-05-28
Despite the recession, Americans haven’t shut down much of their charitable giving. According to the Giving USA Foundation, U.S. charitable giving stood at $307.65 billion in 2008, down only 2 percent from the previous year. This year may not be an exception given the outpouring after the Haitian earthquake. But if you’re going to give,…
Category(s): Business
A primer on why life insurance is necessary
Posted by: Gary S. Williams on 2010-05-16
You may have read that term life insurance rates are at historic lows and that now is the time to buy. It’s worth a quick primer on why life insurance is necessary and who should buy it before getting to specific amounts that individuals should own. First, a quick definition of what term life insurance…
Category(s): Business

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