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Mutual Perspectives

Many people have become obsessed with stocks in recent years, but the fact is, money only really matters at key moments in life.<@SM><@SM><TAB>Whether it

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Small Business

In starting a business, perhaps the most important investment that an entrepreneur can make is time to think about this new venture and what it will take to make it work.<@SM><@SM><TAB>Small businesses end up in trouble when their owners fail to anticipate their companies

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Court: Parents in Repressed Memory Case Can

A couple who claims their adult daughter falsely accused them of abuse based on repressed memories can’t sue her psychologists for malpractice, a Wisconsin court has ruled.The state’s 4th District Court of Appeals decided Thursday that Charlotte Johnson’s parents had ...

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Safeway Wins Reversal of $100K Award

Reversing a $100,000 judgment against Safeway Inc., the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals held last week that the food retailer and its security guard cannot be held responsible for malicious prosecution in a case of mistaken identity. “[W]e are ...

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Computer Hackers Decipher Secret Info on Mexico’s Bank Scandal

<TAB>Computer hackers hired by an opposition political party have gained access to a list of bad bank loans that cost taxpayers $7.3 billion, adding fuel to one of Mexico’s biggest political scandals.<@SM><@SM><TAB>The ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, which forced a 1995 bank bailout through congress, had tried to keep the list secret, fearing accusations that the loans benefited the rich, according to news reports last week.

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Warren Buffett’s Older Sister Spreads Wealth as Prez of Sunshine Ladies

Doris Buffett Bryant wants to give away her fortune before she dies. Happily, her younger brother isn’t helping.<@SM><@SM><TAB>As president of the Sunshine Lady Foundation, Bryant has already donated more than $6.2 million to needy people who are discovered by word-of-mouth or newspaper clippings.

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