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Author Archives: Barbara Grzincic

Barbara Grzincic is managing editor at The Daily Record and edits TDR's Maryland Family Law Update.

Judge dismisses federal suit over ‘live burn’ fatality

The “live burn” training exercise that cost Racheal Wilson her life does not create grounds for a civil rights action in U.S. District Court, a federal judge has ruled. Although it would have meant failing the program, Wilson could have ...

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Neurologist sues Hopkins for $25.5M

The neurologist who established the Johns Hopkins Transverse Myelitis Center is suing the university for $25.5 million, claiming it continues to accuse him of unethical behavior despite “overwhelming factual evidence” to the contrary. Dr. Douglas Kerr, who left Hopkins this ...

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1,087 (plus one!) pass the bar exam

Laura Gayle Hoffman, you’re one in 1,088. Your name wasn’t on the list the Board of Law Examiners sent us, but the board rectified that omission with a very nice e-mail after seeing Monday’s paper — and, after hearing from ...

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In this corner…Under the overhang

It’s getting colder. Wetter, too. The guy who sleeps under the overhang is still there, but he’s added a cardboard layer between himself and the concrete. Occasionally, that’s topped with what looks like an old army blanket. The overhang is ...

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1905 Pennsylvania RR building stays on Special List

The Pennsylvania Railroad Building in midtown Baltimore, built in the wake of the city’s Great Fire, will retain its “Special List” status following a decision Wednesday by the Court of Special Appeals. The Special List designation, a step below landmark ...

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