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Author Archives: Barry Rosen

Barry F. Rosen: A rundown of the new state health care laws

The Maryland General Assembly recently passed a number of laws that will impact health insurance and health care practice in Maryland. Here is a list of some of those legislative highlights. Certificates of Need Historically, a Maryland hospital has not ...

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Barry F. Rosen and Leslie M. Cumber: A mixed bag of goodies with MACRA

Last year, President Obama signed the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015. MACRA repealed the statutory sustainable growth rate methodology that was supposed to limit Medicare reimbursement to physicians, created a stable rate increase schedule for Medicare physician ...

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Barry Rosen and Martha Lessman Katz: The risks of trying to overcome bad publicity through litigation

This past February, an Ohio-based skilled nursing facility on the wrong end of a negative newspaper advertisement soliciting legal services took to the courts to stop further publication of the advertisement. The case The nursing home sought to restrain temporarily ...

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Barry F. Rosen and Catherine A. Bledsoe: Hospital CEO blows whistle

A federal appeals court recently held, in United States v. Health Management Associates, that a hospital executive’s firsthand knowledge of the hospital’s business practices provided a sufficient basis for him as a relator to state a qui tam claim against ...

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Barry F. Rosen: Immunize against HIPAA flu

In December 2013, the Office of Civil Rights of the Federal Department of Health and Human Services, the agency charged with enforcing the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (commonly known as HIPAA), imposed a $150,000 penalty for alleged HIPAA violations against a dermatology practice, APDerm. The case is especially instructive for health care providers of all sizes.

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Barry F. Rosen: Stripping away peer review secrecy

Peer review laws have been enacted in all 50 states. The intent of these laws is to improve the quality of health care by providing a system for health care institutions to evaluate the qualifications, competence and performance of health care providers.

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