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Author Archives: Bob and Donna McWilliams

Realities of Real Estate: Drilling down to determine market value

In previous columns, we’ve talked about something called an AVM or automated valuation model. These are computer programs that attempt to determine the market value of property. In keeping with the computerization of most everything we do, AVMs are becoming ...

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Realities of Real Estate: Update on changes to settlement process

In our previous column, we noted that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was still working on the final design of a new settlement disclosure form. Now, it has completed much of that work, and we have a much better idea of what this will look like.

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Realities of Real Estate: What local knowledge gets you

On a national, and even international, scale the world of real estate is undergoing a transformation, one that could fundamentally change the process of buying and selling homes. The average consumer probably doesn’t notice, but behind the scenes, there’s a ...

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Realities of Real Estate: The million-dollar market

Million dollar homes aren’t uncommon in this neck of the woods. It stands to reason, since incomes around the Washington DC area are much higher than the nation as a whole.

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Realities of Real Estate: What do sellers need to disclose?

We’ve all heard the phrase “caveat emptor,” which is Latin for “Let the buyer beware.” According to Wikipedia, “The phrase caveat emptor arises from the fact that buyers often have less information about the good or service they are purchasing, while the seller has more information.

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