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Employers offer wellness programs and hope for cost savings

There's some evidence that wellness programs can help improve performance and cut problems such as absenteeism. Companies that provide wellness services promote surveys showing that wellness programs for workers increase employee retention and health insurance costs.

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A block-and-tackle approach to legal marketing

DETROIT –Solo and small-firm lawyers have to put themselves out there to drum up business, especially in the beginning. “Out there” can mean multiple meetings over coffee as well as sending your information into cyberspace in the hope that it ...

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The keys to content marketing — for lawyers

Journalists often live by the mantra, “content is king.” The idea is that the more information you can share with your audience, the more connections you make and trust you build. The same applies to lawyers. But how does a firm go about creating content and then marketing it to the vast sea of potential clients?

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Law firms embrace the philosophy of ‘knowledge management’ in hopes of not being the people who lose the dinosaur

Imagine that your law firm has, squirreled away somewhere in storage, a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton. You own the bones of a six-ton prehistoric beast that could net big bucks and inspire envy among paleontologists everywhere.

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