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Law firms embrace the philosophy of ‘knowledge management’ in hopes of not being the people who lose the dinosaur

Imagine that your law firm has, squirreled away somewhere in storage, a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton. You own the bones of a six-ton prehistoric beast that could net big bucks and inspire envy among paleontologists everywhere.

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Next stop for seed-patent suit: the federal circuit

DuPont officials plan to appeal “at the earliest possible opportunity” last week’s record-setting $1 billion verdict, in which a federal jury found the company willfully infringed a patent held by Monsanto. After 17 days of trial, it took the jury ...

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AMA: Most med-mal cases dismissed

Almost 55 percent of all medical malpractice cases are dismissed and less than 5 percent make it to trial, according to a recent study published by the American Medical Association. Further, most of the cases that go to trial — ...

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‘Beltway sex’ case ends in $22K verdict

RICHMOND, Va. — A Fairfax circuit jury has awarded $22,000 to a cabbie struck from behind on the Washington Beltway last year. In the case, the plaintiff made allegations that the defendant was drunk, going 85 miles per hour and ...

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