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Illegal immigrants start Maryland driver’s license process

ANNAPOLIS – Illegal immigrants can begin the process to get a Maryland driver’s license beginning Monday, Nov. 4, according to Philip Dacey, a spokesman for the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration. The first step is to schedule an appointment to get ...

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Same-sex parents deal with patchwork of laws

COLLEGE PARK — When Emily Hecht-McGowan and her wife, Sharon McGowan travel outside of Maryland with their 1-year-old daughter, they take a Pack ‘n Play crib, diapers, formula, snacks, a stroller, toys — and lots of documents. The documents, like ...

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Not your father’s protest: Young back Libertarians

WASHINGTON — Rebecca Coates used to call herself a Republican, but increasingly found she had to be more specific. “For a long time I thought I was a Republican, but I was always having to add addendums like, ‘I’m Republican, ...

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Maryland judge gets creative with opinions

ANNAPOLIS — “Unlike the bullet or the misplaced banana peel, the effect of toxic substances on the body is often subtle and slow, leaving cause uncertain.” That’s not how many judges begin their official written opinions, but for Maryland Court ...

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Government shutdown would hurt workers, Md. economy

WASHINGTON — A possible government shutdown starting Tuesday would cause federal agencies in Maryland to close or seriously cut back operations, resulting in significant hardship for federal workers, as well as declining economic output and lower tax revenue for the ...

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EPA regulations could devastate Maryland mining

WASHINGTON — The Environmental Protection Agency’s restrictions on new coal and natural gas power plants meant to reduce carbon emissions that contribute to climate change would be a disaster for Western Maryland’s coal mining business, industry representatives said. The new ...

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