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Colder temperatures projected for Maryland later in winter

ANNAPOLIS — While many burrowed indoors the third week of November as extreme record-breaking cold impinged upon life across the Mid-Atlantic, the snow machines at Wisp Ski Resort were busy whirring and churning out a base layer of snow for ...

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How Md. uses surveillance, data to track motorists, traffic

A speed camera on Old Harford Road outside of the Hamilton Elementary Middle School. (File Photo/The Daily Record)

ANNAPOLIS — Motorists in Maryland may be aware of the cameras that enforce speed and red-light violations, but the state’s tracking practices include other layers to assist in law enforcement efforts, and for traffic and planning purposes. Through the different ...

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Environmental group says much of Md. tap water has contaminants

Hand filling a glass of Tap Water. MF-D  9/29/06.

Tap water at the majority of Maryland utilities, or public water systems, had levels of contaminants that exceeded health guidelines established by the Environmental Working Group, a nonprofit focused on environmental health issues. According to EWG’s 2019 update, predominant chemicals ...

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Congress still awaits report on cancellation of FBI move

The J. Edgar Hoover F.B.I. Building on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington. An effort is underway to build a new headquarters, perhaps in Maryland. (LeeSnider / Depositphotos.com)

WASHINGTON — With parts of the FBI headquarters building crumbling on Pennsylvania Avenue, there had been plans to relocate the agency to a more secluded and spacious campus in either suburban northern Virginia or suburban Maryland. But six months after ...

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Officials announce largest tobacco bust in Md. agency’s history

Boxes of contraband tobacco products recovered in a bust crowd a storage room in the Louis L. Goldstein Treasury Building in Annapolis on Wednesday. (Eric Myers/Capital News Service)

ANNAPOLIS — Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot on Wednesday announced the agency’s largest tobacco bust ever, resulting in more than $450,000 worth of seized contraband tobacco products. The raid, which took place Nov. 5, recovered 521 packs of untaxed cigarettes, 1,246 ...

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Van Hollen, Beyer propose surtax on millionaires

U.S. Sen. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md. (Julia Schmalz / Bloomberg via Getty Images)

The richest 1% of Americans control more wealth than the entire middle class combined, according to the Brookings Institution - a striking sign of income inequality that has accelerated since the Great Recession.

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