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Critics: Election reform disempowers voters

ANNAPOLIS — Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler wants to keep political spending from tainting Maryland Circuit Court elections, but critics say Gansler’s solution threatens to give too much control over judicial appointments to the governor’s office. Gansler’s proposed constitutional amendment ...

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Smart Grid is closer than you think

Imagine you left town for a weekend vacation, accidentally leaving the air conditioning set on high. No sweat — you can adjust it with an application on your iPhone. Or imagine getting to work and realizing you forgot to run ...

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Md. budget cuts meet fierce resistance

ANNAPOLIS — Proposals to close the state’s budget gap met with fierce resistance Wednesday from dozens of college administrators, local government representatives, environmental activists and myriad others who came to testify against reductions to their own organizations. Nearly 100 people ...

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Next cost of snow: Extra maintenance

First the state spent more than $100 million to clear its roadways after this winter’s record-breaking snowstorms. Now, as the Department of Transportation plans to cut into its spring maintenance to cover that cost, it is also uncovering infrastructure damage ...

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Environmentalists sue Perdue, chicken farm

ANNAPOLIS – A coalition of environmental groups is suing Perdue Farms Inc. and a farm that contracts with Perdue, saying the farm illegally discharged “harmful pollution” into the Pocomoke River. The Assateague Coastal Trust and the Waterkeeper Alliance in December ...

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Some students creating a false Facebook

Some students worried about how their online presence will be perceived by a potential employer are taking the extraordinary security step of changing their names on the social network Facebook. In this down economy, with heavy competition for jobs, Maryland ...

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