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Author Archives: C. Fraser Smith

C. Fraser Smith's column appears on Fridays.

C. Fraser Smith: What does O’Malley want?

If Hillary Clinton were not the presumptive nominee. … If Sen. Bernie Sanders were not sucking up any leftover political oxygen. … Then Martin O’Malley might compete for his party’s presidential nomination. But, of course, Clinton is and Sanders has ...

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C. Fraser Smith: Politics and the Baltimore housing department

Deplorable conditions in Baltimore’s public housing inventory lead to a number of important questions: How can these conditions have persisted for so long? Is this the first time the city’s Mosby partnership comes under voter scrutiny? And if Mayor Stephanie ...

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C. Fraser Smith: Signs of hope on the gun front

AUSTIN, Texas – Did the modern version of dramatic mass shooting deaths begin here? Some of us remember when a deranged, former Marine sharpshooter murdered 16 people and wounded 32, firing from the clock tower at the University of Texas. ...

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C. Fraser Smith: O’Malley’s big chance

Whatever else happens in this bizarre election year, Martin O’Malley will have clips of Anderson Cooper announcing him as a Democratic candidate for president of the United States. With O’Malley’s standing in the polls near zero, some had wondered if ...

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C. Fraser Smith: Even Schaefer would be impressed

William Donald Schaefer would be shouting, “Hallelujah!” The mayor would be on the phone to Ronald J.  Daniels, president of The Johns Hopkins University, and to Ronald R. Peterson, head of the Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System. He’d be ...

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