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Author Archives: C. Fraser Smith

C. Fraser Smith's column appears on Fridays.

C. Fraser Smith: Obama in the briar patch

Have Republicans thrown President Barack Obama into the briar patch? Have they done just what he wanted them to do — make it possible to give the economy the stimulus it would not get in the new, deficit-preoccupied Congress? He’s ...

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C. Fraser Smith: A post of opportunity and peril for O’Malley

Gov. Martin O’Malley, who won re-election claiming he had kept Maryland (relatively) solvent, now finds himself as the leader of those states that made him look so good by comparison. It could be an honor of dubious value or a ...

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Fraser Smith: Riding the wave to re-election

Before the recent gubernatorial campaign began in earnest, the O’Malley team did a man-in-the-street sampling of feelings about former governor Bob Ehrlich’s controversial way of supporting state government. The fees he imposed as governor for various services weren’t taxes, he ...

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Fraser Smith: The good, the bad and P.G. County

Reverberations from Bra-Gate. Some troubling, others quite reassuring. The downside first. Prince George’s County Executive Jack B. Johnson famously urged his wife by tapped telephone to hide more than $79,000 — in cash — in her underwear. Federal authorities were ...

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Fraser Smith: Images of upheaval for Democrats

On the eve of an election that would prove disastrous for Democrats, one of the party’s highest-ranking leaders found himself within spitting distance of a furious constituent. All the emotions that colored the 2010 campaign — anger, fear, disgust with ...

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Fraser Smith: Charles Lollar searches for a Massachusetts Miracle

Charles Lollar wants to give Nevada Sen. Harry Reid some company on his way to the unemployment line. The Republican candidate for Congress in Maryland’s 5th District says he’s about to defeat Rep. Steny H. Hoyer, the incumbent Democrat who ...

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