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Author Archives: C. Fraser Smith

C. Fraser Smith's column appears on Fridays.

In Maryland governor’s race, it’s all about the turnout

In recent days, the man from sign-tology has been at it again. All around Baltimore, red-white-and-blue campaign placards have been going up alongside the kelly green O’Malley-Brown signs. And all this for a candidate who’s not on the ballot this ...

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Voter calculus changes in year of uncertainty

Everyone in politics says Election 2010 is all about turnout and excitement. If you’ve got the latter, the former might take care of itself. Might is the operative word. Forewarned by the upheaval in other states, prudent campaigns are furiously ...

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Commentary: Chalk one up for government

Government is not the solution, Ronald Reagan famously said. Government is the problem. Reagan was wrong, of course. Even some Republicans grudgingly deny their iconic leader. Government certainly can be problematic. Sometimes, though, it really is the solution. Maybe even ...

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Kratovil tries to swim against the GOP tide

They hung him in effigy a year ago, protesting the health care overhaul. A first-term Democrat, he had won narrowly in 2008, prevailing in one of the most conservative congressional districts in Maryland. This year, he’s been seen as the ...

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Are we ready to vote for Dr. No?

Is it possible that Maryland will re-elect a former Republican governor who refuses to say how he would balance the budget after cutting taxes by as much as $700 million when the state’s budget is already $1.5 billion in the ...

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Soft-peddling the stimulus

Officially, it was a feel-good event focused on the future, jobs and the new global marketplace. Maryland was getting a big federal contract, flowing from Washington’s $4 billion, now semi-toxic American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The source in this year ...

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Election results speak loudly

This week’s primary election might turn out to be transformational for Baltimore. It almost certainly is more important than many realize. Those few who bothered to vote tried to take some control of their lives and their government. Race was ...

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Column: Hey buddy, got a dime for a drink?

He’s baaaack. And he’s going to make rivers run upstream, the sun set in the east and Maryland legislators vote to raise taxes. Yes, indeed, friends, the indomitable Vincent DeMarco is abroad in the land yet again, proposing to defy ...

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