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Author Archives: C. Fraser Smith

C. Fraser Smith's column appears on Fridays.

Commentary: Budgets, politics and slots

My, my just look at the emperor’s new slots machines! What taste, what élan, what a guy! We, of course, are bankrolling the deal. We just laid out $50 million for 1,000 machines — $46,542 per. We were led to ...

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Commentary: How we got to be who we are

When he left The Sun five years ago, he admitted to a certain loss of enthusiasm. The “Hey, Martha!” reflex had gone a’ glimmering. (This refers to the idea that a newspaper reader or reporter, learning something new, calls out ...

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Drowning in a tide of problems

I feel like we’re drowning: in oil, in debt, even in (gulp) opinion. I give you these examples: BP and the Gulf of Mexico; Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and the Baltimore budget, and this column. As to the oil, I’ve been ...

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A plea for help from Main Street

Comptroller Peter Franchot headed out on a listening tour recently, pretty much knowing what he’d hear. The stock market shows signs of recovery but things are still rough. He’d gotten handwritten notes from taxpayers who couldn’t pay this year. But ...

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Incumbents can’t avoid no-win situations

Consider the politician of conscience looking for traction in the dizzying vortex of politics. He or she must weigh the idea of trusted representative against decision-making by poll. The on-site representative knows the issues intimately and at great depth, but ...

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Ready to run, he says, and to listen

Hope lives. Despite the drumbeat of talk radio dystopia, despite the job-resistant economic recovery and despite often venomous political language, the can-do spirit of America endures. And election season can bring with it a burst of patriotic risk-taking. As a ...

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It’s time for real debate about real issues

Campaign 2010 and a real stock-taking are — or should be — upon us. Having tiptoed around reality for 90 days, the General Assembly left the heavy lifting to the men who are offering themselves as governor for post-recession Maryland. ...

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