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Author Archives: C. Fraser Smith

C. Fraser Smith's column appears on Fridays.

A day of dashed hopes, deep disappointment

As the pols-in-trouble script goes, there was no Richter Scale reading in the case against Mayor Sheila Dixon. She hadn’t left someone to drown after driving her car off a bridge. She hadn’t tried to sell a U.S. Senate seat. ...

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Fraser Smith: A case built on a house of cards

No one ever wants to acknowledge the elephant in the room. Closing arguments Thursday in the trial of Mayor Sheila Dixon left out almost entirely the underlying issue: Cozy relationships between developers and public officials are corrosive and costly to ...

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Fraser Smith: Time for a difficult conversation

If image is everything, the conversation about how to treat the mentally ill just got more difficult. Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan took care of that when, allegedly, he killed 13 soldiers and wounded dozens more at Fort Hood in ...

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Where will these kids go?

He walked into the classroom with his black floppy hat on. He didn’t take it off. He slouched into his seat as if he expected aggravation from the visitors who greeted him. He spoke in monosyllables, “Yes” and “No” and ...

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Honoring William Donald Schaefer

William Donald Schaefer is a lucky man. He’s lived to see himself lionized and loved in spite of his lapses. At exactly 88 years of age last Monday, he saw hundreds of people sitting or standing at the heart of ...

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Shadow government redux

Things happen. You wake up some morning and you’ve got a complex web of half-city and half-private corporations taking on a variety of government projects. There’s even a $100 million city-run bank. Only a handful of people know anything about ...

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Voter shift in Baltimore County?

The day of the Yellow Dog Democrat (who’d vote for a yellow dog if the dog was a Democrat) continues to fade. The same may be true of the GOP’s canine counterpart if there is one. Party loyalty is out ...

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Weary, shut out and mistrustful

“Mommy,” says the sweet child on a refrigerator magnet, “I’m scared of the government.” It’s not just a joke any more. Faith in our elected officials is fading faster than the days of summer. Increasingly high numbers of Americans might ...

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