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Author Archives: C. Fraser Smith

C. Fraser Smith's column appears on Fridays.

The golden hour

Rescue helicopters land on highways. Those same birds then head, as if on a wire, to the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center. The revolutionary life-saving innovation came to  Maryland via Dr. Cowley’s force of will. It’s been continuously perfected ...

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Where’s the Plan B for State Center?

Hard to know what’s happening with the $1.5 billion State Center project. Or maybe not. Nothing’s happening. Gov. Larry Hogan and the Board of Public Works have tried to kill the project that began at the dawn of recorded time. ...

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A vehicle for hope

Blue Maryland joins a number of red states in the slow march toward progressive incarceration policy – and toward a sensible approach to ex-offenders. Gov. Larry Hogan says he’s all for second chances – and for reducing the strain on ...

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Final thoughts on Nov. 8

  Of course I thought Hillary Clinton should and would win the late, lamented election. I also thought, from the beginning, that Trump had a chance. I kept saying so to friends who were hoping The Donald would be the ...

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Hogan might need dancing shoes

In a post-election assessment of Maryland’s winners and losers, Gov. Larry Hogan get both the up and the down arrow: a little winning, a little losing. Turned out the stakes were a little higher than he thought, but still … ...

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Is Dixon living in a bubble?

She came within 2,400 votes of winning the primary. But the likelihood of recapturing the energy of that performance is not high.

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