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Author Archives: Chaz R. Ball

The ins and outs of appellate arguments

In October, I had the pleasure and honor of arguing before Maryland’s Court of Appeals.  This marked my forth appellate argument, but the first before Maryland’s highest court. The experience was nerve-racking.  I joked with friends that my primary goal was ...

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The crimeless victim

The solution does not come in moving the goalpost on what is considered criminal or criticizing either side, but the opposite -- encouraging communication

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What we might see looking into the ‘Mirror’

This fourth season of 'Black Mirror' serves as a thought-provoking consideration of legal questions we will almost inevitably face in the near or not-so-near future.

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Come’on, dawg

More often than not trial judges are criticized for making findings in favor of the accused, for not guilty findings, for granting suppression motions, and for arguably lenient sentencing.

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