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We cannot wait for climate action


In January, Maryland Dels. Lorig Charkoudian and David Fraser-Hidalgo and Sen. Ben Kramer announced a bill that would put a price on pollution and fund education and renewable energy. The proposal would charge a fee on fossil fuels at their ...

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No breezy answer for sexism question


Elizabeth Warren’s biggest applause line at Tuesday night’s Democratic debate had all the road-tested messaging appeal of a pink-pussyhatted women’s march. Gesturing to the male candidates on the stage, she whipped out some math: “Collectively (the men) have lost 10 ...

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Freight rail is key to US infrastructure


At a recent ceremony heralding the completion of the first Purple Line track mile, Gov. Larry Hogan highlighted Maryland’s infrastructure leadership, saying the state was “setting an example for the rest of the nation.” The light-rail project is the largest ...

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Monorails belong in Maryland


In her recent commentary “Good idea for Disney, bad idea for Maryland” (Dec. 12, 2019) Carol Park demonstrates that she may have been so dazzled by Disney’s amusements that her fact-checking slipped. While her claims about the safety and cost ...

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State needs to help keep pace with new technology

Martin Rosendale (submitted photo)

Across Maryland, municipalities are preparing for 5G — rapidly evolving technology that will be the backbone of broadband’s future. However, an uncoordinated and fragmented approach to building the infrastructure will likely impede progress and delay access to critical technology. Maryland ...

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