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Financial tips around holiday giving

Russ Weber

This year has been a difficult year for everyone. The effects of the coronavirus have been far-reaching, affecting people across the country and in our backyard. As we approach the end of the year and enjoy the holiday season, there ...

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EEOC’s updated guidance on vaccinations


On Dec. 16, 2020, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued updated guidance to provide clarification on employer COVID-19 vaccination policies. The EEOC reiterated that mandatory COVID tests are permissible, but must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”), Title ...

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The pandemic reshapes residential real estate


Real estate has traditionally been conducted in person, from start to finish. When the pandemic paralyzed our country, real estate was forced to go contactless. At that moment, the entire industry was propelled into the future. Consumers requested virtual showings ...

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SSA needs strong leadership


When President-elect Joe Biden took the stage to address the country on Saturday, Nov. 7, Americans across the country took a sigh of relief. Finally, we could all turn off the news every now and then. We could rest assured ...

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Why the hospitality industry matters


How many jobs are in a bottle of beer? It’s an odd question and one that I imagine most of you have never considered before. To be honest, even though I’m the food and beverage director at Merritt Clubs, I ...

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Federal deficits aren’t credit cards


The Biden administration has pledged to deploy fiscal stimulus to get the stricken U.S. economy back on its feet, as well as increase government investment to boost long-run growth. This means the Republican opposition in Congress is back to arguing ...

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How to end federal marijuana ban


On marijuana, politicians are catching up with public opinion, and the federal government is catching up with the states. Fifteen states plus the District of Columbia have made recreational use legal. Most states have made it legal for medical (and ...

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Levin and Shaughnessy: Commercial landlords’ right to self-help


The Court of Special Appeals has held that a commercial landlord could exercise self-help by re-entering the leasehold premises, evicting the tenant, and taking possession of the tenant’s personal property. The CSA permitted this because the lease authorized these remedies ...

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Holiday marketing tips for small businesses


It’s beginning to look a lot like … the most important time of the year for small businesses. The holidays are peak sales season and can oftentimes make or break your year. When it comes to marketing for the holidays, ...

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Your office isn’t going away


The businesses that survive and thrive are the ones that adapt. This has certainly been the case this year as companies were forced to respond to the threat of COVID-19. Some of the changes will be short-lived and others will ...

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