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Mack McGee: Go all-in and embrace the missteps

When it comes to innovating, to creating new things, new ways of doing, and even new ways of living, mistakes are a must. So said the experts who shared their insights at a recent conference devoted to organizational innovation in ...

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Karen Tumulty: In the military, the rules matter

When President Harry Truman signed the Uniform Code of Military Justice into law just before the first Armed Forces Day in 1950, the former Army artillery captain lauded it as an achievement that assured “the democratic ideal of equality before ...

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Darryl Barnes: It’s time to restrict flavored tobacco products

Just last week, a major e-cigarette manufacturer halted sales of its top-selling tobacco flavor due to ongoing and high-profile criticism for its popularity among minors. Yet, this flavor is just one of over 15,500 currently on the market. Flavored tobacco products, including ...

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Wes Guckert: Bay Bridge delays – awful, and unavoidable

If you live in Maryland, chances are you well aware of the two-year, $27 million Bay Bridge redecking project underway even if you have not experienced its unprecedented travel backups for yourself. For those who live on the Eastern Shore, ...

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Leana S. Wen: Let’s stop talking about Medicare-for-all

At Tuesday’s Democratic presidential debate, talking about health care pretty much meant talking about Medicare-for-all — again. The controversial idea of abolishing private insurance in favor of a single, government-run program certainly deserves some rigorous back-and-forth. But not at the ...

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Dan Morhaim: The right solution for surprise billing

For 24 years, I represented northwest Baltimore Country in the Maryland House of Delegates, where I was proud to fight for better health care for Maryland patients. Having now returned to the world of medicine and resuming my role as ...

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Christopher Helmrath: The M&A market is ignoring economic doomsayers

The alarmist news on economic indicators seems like a constant drumbeat these days: History says economic expansions aren’t supposed to last this long, bond yields are inverted, major economies in Europe and Japan are supposedly stuck in a no-growth pattern, ...

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David A. Plymyer: Evaluating judicial performance


Maybe the decision by the Maryland Court of Special Appeals in Delvonta Morten v. State of Maryland filed on Sept. 4 will do what nothing else has done: persuade the Maryland judiciary to adopt a formal system for evaluating judicial performance. At ...

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Matthew Keefer: The Great Wealth Transfer

We are on the precipice of a Great Wealth Transfer. After years of hard work, baby boomers are poised to pass along an astounding $68 trillion of it to Gen X, Y and Z heirs over the next 25 years. ...

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