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Rosen, Montgomery: A year later, opinion on informed consent has broad implications

In April 2014, Maryland’s highest court laid down a seminal opinion restating the doctrine of informed consent in Maryland, while addressing important issues of proof in informed consent lawsuits. The decision is a mixed bag for health care providers in Maryland. On the one hand, the decision helpfully makes expert testimony a legal requirement for informed consent cases, and sets a bar for that testimony to clear. On the other hand, that bar is set low and can now be cleared by a wider range of experts.

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Nick Loris: Exelon-Pepco merger good for Maryland

The $6.8 billion merger of Exelon and Pepco has come under intense scrutiny in Maryland with several coalitions and state officials opposing the acquisition. Approving the merger would bode well for Maryland’s energy consumers as well as the state’s economy. ...

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