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Charles Tiefer: What Trump should know about regulations

President-elect Donald Trump vowed, in his campaign, to make the slashing of federal regulations a “cornerstone” of his administration. He suggested that as many as 70 percent of regulations “can go.” The top of Trump’s “to go” list is probably ...

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Dan Clements: With ADR, Judiciary is putting its economic interests first

The Court of Appeals establishes the rules of ethics for our state judges. But simply because the court declares an activity as ethical does not make it so. Therein lays the problem with the Maryland Rule of Judicial Conduct 16-813, ...

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Randolph Rice: How to cast a ballot but not break any election laws

America Votes Maryland

After months of intense campaigning, there is light at the end of the tunnel, what with Election Day less than a week away. Until then, though, it’s nearly impossible to consume any media without hearing about political races at all ...

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Commentary: In mediation, what’s your BATNA?

I recently used a term – BATNA – that may not be familiar to everyone. If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s no surprise. About a year ago, I attended the Mediating the Litigated Case program at the Strauss ...

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Rebecca Snyder: Strengthen light in Maryland

Maryland’s citizens have the right to know how government transacts business on their behalf. To help set this culture of openness, Maryland legislators created the Public Information Act in 1970, followed by the Open Meetings Act in 1977. There are ...

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Dave Pantzer: A middle ground between private bar and pro se

I saw an old friend recently, a private attorney I’ve known for several years. He ribbed me, as he always does, based on my role overseeing the People’s Law Library website: “So, you still trying to convince people they don’t ...

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