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Commentary: Bike ride through France required pedal, mettle

As any good attorney knows, preparation, especially for the unexpected, is always an arrow in your quiver. It turned out preparation also was critical when we participated this summer in one of the storied events of long-distance cycling, Paris-Brest-Paris or ...

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Madaleno and Jones: An indefensible position on public school funding

The Maryland Public Policy Institute recently published a column in The Daily Record claiming Maryland elected officials are trying to “deliver money and other goodies to the wealthiest parts of the state, at the expense of lower-income areas.” (“Maryland’s alms ...

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Genie Briggs: Benefits and dangers of mobile banking apps

We’ve reached a tipping point in how people manage their money. According to the Federal Reserve, 52 percent of smartphone users with a bank account have used a mobile banking app in the past year. And 51 percent have deposited a ...

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Commentary: Retired judges should be allowed to mediate and sit on the bench

I find myself taking strong exception to The Daily Record Editorial Advisory Board’s recent editorial advocating that retired judges who also privately mediate be barred from continuing to serve on the bench on a part-time basis. (“Private mediator, judge or ...

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Elizabeth Rotenberry: Out of the shadows

It’s not easy to identify a military or veteran caregiver. We don’t wear uniforms bearing our rank or title; we can’t be classified by a specific age, ethnicity, or gender; and we rarely seek attention. We often remain hidden within ...

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