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From Charm City to Solidarity City


Baltimoreans are in tremendous collective need. Poverty, hunger, eviction, homelessness, and physical and mental illness are all on the rise. The federal government’s response to COVID-19 has been abysmal, especially in assisting poor families and average workers. Policies designed to ...

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How the tech sector can become anti-racist


As the nation works to address white supremacy and commits to ensuring Black Lives Matter, tech companies have issued statements touting their commitment to racial justice. They’ve also made philanthropic contributions, bought from black businesses and stood up offices of diversity ...

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Sustainable investing could get a lot harder


Interest in sustainable investing is soaring, as more people become convinced that making a positive impact can be profitable as well as good for the planet and society. Unfortunately, the Labor Department doesn’t think these investments belong in your 401(k). ...

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Technology can be a tool for equality


Earlier this summer as the national conversation turned intensely to issues of inclusion and equality, I began to think what role an industry association, especially one that focuses on technology, could play in making a difference. Recently, it seems technology ...

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Maryland’s ‘red flag’ law has saved lives


On June 13, 2013, my 30-year-old son Michael called to say goodbye. He had just bought a handgun and planned to kill himself when he got off the phone. I don’t remember a word of that two-hour conversation, but I ...

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Md. needs more entrepreneurs for COVID-19 recovery


Contrary to what you may expect, the COVID-19 pandemic has not slowed down entrepreneurial activity in America. This is good news, because states heavily affected by the pandemic need more entrepreneurs to boost economic recovery. According to the D.C.-based Economic ...

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High-speed internet for all students


High-speed internet service is essential to our elementary and high school students. Remote online learning due to the coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated the digital divide in education. Those without high-speed internet experience will have limited job opportunities. It is a ...

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Fear of bankruptcy holds too many people back


The mystery isn’t why so many people file for bankruptcy each year. It’s why more people don’t. Each year, only a fraction of the Americans who could benefit financially from bankruptcy actually seek relief. Economists say some don’t file because ...

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Baltimore and control of its police


At a time when cities everywhere are reckoning with how they can fix broken policing systems, Maryland state law has Baltimore paralyzed, unable to pursue substantive changes to policing. Under an old state law, the Baltimore Police Department is considered ...

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