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Author Archives: Donald C. Fry

Supply of scientists depends on education (access required)

Maryland’s business and elected leaders are looking to convert our state’s celebrated strengths in research and our highly educated work force into expanding science and technology business sectors that will be major drivers of our future economy. Maryland ranks second ...

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Business incentives are worth the price (access required)

As a group, state lawmakers are generally lukewarm to the idea of aggressive tax-credit programs and other incentives to nurture business growth in Maryland and to lure new business here. Instead, they point to Maryland’s many existing strengths as a ...

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Fry: Combined reporting is no slam dunk (access required)

Members of the Maryland Business Tax Reform Commission spent the last five months gaining overviews of the state’s tax structure and the business taxes that are a part of it. Now commission members have begun tackling the hard part — ...

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