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Don Fry: A ‘Hidden Economy’ in Baltimore

Many who live and work in the Baltimore area may not be aware of this, but the Baltimore area ranks in the top metro areas of the country for the share of jobs tied to the fields of science, technology, ...

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Donald C. Fry: Diversity in business fuels our economy

If you want a sense of how minority and women-owned businesses can move the needle on the economy, inspire the world with new ideas, and change lives, consider Juxtopia. This small Baltimore company specializes in developing wearable biomedical and information ...

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Donald C. Fry: Priorities for post-unrest teamwork

Baltimore’s good character is clearly showing in the city’s time of trouble. Business, civic and government leaders are responding compassionately to the unrest that erupted in the city on April 25 and 27 amid public protests and reaction to the ...

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