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Author Archives: Donald C. Fry

Donald C. Fry: Runoff from stormwater fees may soak businesses (access required)

This three-letter bureaucratic acronym for “Equivalent Residential Unit,” is at the center of new stormwater remediation fees, dubbed “rain taxes” by local and national media. The new fees in the process of being enacted by local lawmakers in nine Maryland counties and Baltimore are being ridiculed by some as the ultimate in Orwellian government.

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Donald C. Fry: Need to make Penn Station welcoming (access required)

For Baltimore’s deteriorating, 102-year-old Penn Station, a chronic sore subject for city leaders and for the region’s business executives who travel the railroad’s Northeast corridor, a long-sought revitalization is under way, according to the top Amtrak executive for the corridor.

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Donald C. Fry: Transit comes under attack again (access required)

While virtually everyone under the State House dome acknowledges that quality transportation infrastructure is critical to Maryland’s business climate, lawmakers have been consistently challenged to achieve a consensus on how to increase revenues to the state’s stagnant Transportation Trust Fund.

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Donald C. Fry: Via technology, easier for voters to get last word (access required)

There can hardly be anyone in the state who isn’t aware of Question 7. That’s the statewide voter referendum on the Nov. 6 ballot to ratify legislation passed during the General Assembly’s second 2012 special session to locate a slots casino in Prince George’s County and to authorize table games at all casinos in Maryland.

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