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Editorial Advisory Board: A modest bail reform proposal

It is time for the Maryland Judiciary to change the current bail culture and embrace adoption of a modern risk assessment tool to evaluate a defendant’s risk of failing to appear in court or threatening public safety as a path to reducing or eliminating reliance on cash bail or corporate surety bonds for low-risk criminal defendants.

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Editorial Advisory Board: The BCDC and solitary confinement

Baltimore City Detention Center. (File photo)

We understand that solitary confinement may be the last resort for some prisoners, and we are not saying the all solitary confinement policies should be eliminated. However, we urge that BCDC improve its performance with juveniles in its care and we recommend strongly that Maryland’s correctional services review its use of solitary confinement with all adult prisoners, and adopt -- to the extent it has not done so already -- the recommendations of the Vera Institute report.

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