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Author Archives: Editorial Advisory Board

Editorial Advisory Board: Neither trophies nor trinkets

The world has condemned the recent killing of a lion named Cecil that lived in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, and American dentist and trophy hunter Dr. Walter Palmer faces extradition charges for illegal poaching. The Wildlife Conservation Research Unit ...

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Editorial Advisory Board: First the BCDC; next, the rest of the Maryland Penitentiary

We applaud Gov. Larry Hogan and his public safety team for closing the Men’s Dormitory of the Baltimore City Detention Center (BCDC). This section of the jail complex is part of the old Maryland Penitentiary, the design and construction of ...

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Editorial Advisory Board: Attorney Grievance Commission needs additional powers

We believe that the Attorney Grievance Commission must have the power to stop disbarred lawyers from continuing to practice law and those activities reasonably related thereto, where there is any possibility those services will be provided to consumers other than lawyers.

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Editorial Advisory Board: With Mel Sykes, truth is the starting point

For 67 years, the Maryland Bar has been graced by the contributions of Mel Sykes, but at a young 91 years of age, he has announced his retirement. Since his graduation from Harvard Law School in 1948, Mel has been the lawyer we all strive to be.

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Editorial Advisory Board: A modest bail reform proposal

It is time for the Maryland Judiciary to change the current bail culture and embrace adoption of a modern risk assessment tool to evaluate a defendant’s risk of failing to appear in court or threatening public safety as a path to reducing or eliminating reliance on cash bail or corporate surety bonds for low-risk criminal defendants.

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Editorial Advisory Board: The BCDC and solitary confinement

We understand that solitary confinement may be the last resort for some prisoners, and we are not saying the all solitary confinement policies should be eliminated. However, we urge that BCDC improve its performance with juveniles in its care and we recommend strongly that Maryland’s correctional services review its use of solitary confinement with all adult prisoners, and adopt -- to the extent it has not done so already -- the recommendations of the Vera Institute report.

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