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Author Archives: Eduardo Gonzalez

Adios, adeus

With a growing practice and a fantastic little surprise due to arrive in a little more than four more months, I’ve decided to take some time away from Generation J.D. I’d like to thank The Daily Record for allowing me ...

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Thanks Steve

Genius, revolutionary and mercurial are among the many adjectives that will be used over the next several days to describe Steve Jobs’ influence on media and technology. For a man that started a business from his parents’ garage, Steve’s accomplishments ...

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Law in the global village

Despite our nation fighting wars on at least three fronts (Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan), U.S. news outlets, for the most part, have focused much of this past year on domestic issues such as the debt ceiling, President Obama’s jobs bill, ...

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Punditry at its worst

For those living under a rock, Casey Anthony was found not guilty Tuesday in the death of her baby, Caylee. I have never offered an opinion on the case and will not start now. Others were not as reserved. Celebrities, ...

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The abridged narrative of a public defender

The role of an Assistant Public Defender is tough, but can be rewarding. Metaphorically speaking, to be an Assistant Public Defender, especially at first, is like landing on foreign enemy terrority with bullets flying in all directions. Inexperienced, disoriented, and unaware of your surroudnings, large caseloads, little time to prep for cases, and clients who are often incommunicado, can and have claimed many Assistant Public Defenders.

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