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Author Archives: Ed Waldman

Bank error in MY favor

OK, maybe it was actually MY error for not catching it when Bank of America started charging me — incorrectly it turns out — maintenance fees for my checking and savings accounts. Actually, I did notice the savings account maintenance ...

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Conversations with Maryland’s Newsmakers

We started off with Baltimore’s soon-to-be mayor and ended up with the woman whom she replaced. And in between, we had the governor (twice, actually), CEOs of major Maryland companies, leaders from some of the state’s top academic institutions, politicians ...

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“Undercover Boss” real or not real?

Since there wasn’t much to clean up after the Super Bowl “party” Sunday night, we watched the premier of CBS reality show “Undercover Boss” after the game. The concept was interesting to me: A major company pooh-bah — in this ...

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Phished on Facebook

I got a chat message on Facebook this morning from one of my FB friends, with whom I hadn’t spoken in, oh, three years. I guess that’s not unbelievably unusual, but I had friended the guy a while back, and ...

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