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What’s in your purse?

what_Schneider, Tammy04MF

In each issue of Path to Excellence, we’ll ask a successful woman, “What’s in your purse?” This month, Tammy S.J. Schneider, principal and director of the women in business practice at Glass Jacobson, offered The Daily Record and Path to ...

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Why mentors matter

mentoring_Pierce, EllenMF5

Just a few short weeks into her new position at UBS — a big promotion for the 28-year-old — Elizabeth Sieghardt called her long-time mentor Ellen Pierce for a chat. They talked about the new job, how the transition was ...

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One sweet career move

bees_Kara Brook

Kara Brook took a leap of faith, selling a successful technology firm to focus more on her true passion: art. In less than three years, Brook has taken her passion and turned it into a profitable business — Waxing Kara ...

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Race for a Cure

Race Warm up

About six years ago Amy Heinrich’s good friend and co-worker died of breast cancer. A week later Susan G. Komen Maryland reached out and asked if Heinrich, a partner at Goodell DeVries, would join its board. “I had participated before, ...

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Is gender holding you back?

"Does gender hold you back? I don’t know – it’s a double-sided coin. I’ve felt many minor injustices, yet I don’t think I can genuinely say I have been held back, as a woman or hit the glass ceiling. Enjoy the ride, not the destination!"

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Yahoo CEO sparks debate over maternity leave

Marissa Mayer at Chirp 2009 II by Jolie O'Dell

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer announced Wednesday via her Tumblr page that she and her husband are expecting twin girls due in December. Just as she did during her first pregnancy several years ago, Mayer said she would be working throughout and taking limited time off after her delivery.

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Medifast executive advocates for women

Mona Ameli

Growing up in Iran and later in France, Mona Ameli viewed the United States as the “land of marketing opportunities.” Now president of Medifast’s direct-selling division, Ameli is the only corporate senior-positioned Iranian-American woman in the direct-selling industry. Ameli, who ...

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