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Author Archives: Gary S. Williams

Gary S. Williams: ‘Pay later’ mentality could ruin your credit

Installment debt is not a bad thing. It enables us to make major purchases that would be nearly impossible to finance up-front. The problem is, in this consumer society, we’re bombarded with advertisements for literally thousands of “must-have” products. The ...

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Gary S. Williams: Make sure mortgage doesn’t cause financial strain

A mortgage is one element of total household expenses, such as taxes and heating costs, that is likely to increase over time. It’s important to consider increases in household expenses in addition to your mortgage payment. It’s important to arrive ...

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Gary S. Williams: Start planning for retirement well in advance

One of the biggest lessons of the recent economy is that many people who thought they were financially ready for retirement … weren’t. The amount of money, investments and government support you’ll need to retire comfortably is as individual as ...

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Gary S. Williams: Financial planning very important for military personnel

As the United States goes into its ninth year of military action in Afghanistan and Iraq, financial planning for military personnel and their families has taken on unprecedented importance. Multiple deployments during the longest wartime period of U.S. history have ...

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Gary S. Williams: Buying used is a good habit for tough times

Even with hopes for a better economy in 2011, some habits learned in tough times could stand to become permanent ones. A good one might be continuing — or starting — to buy particular categories of merchandise that are used ...

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