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Author Archives: Gene Policinski

Gene Policinski: University wise to rethink open-records policy

Let’s begin 2011 on a hopeful note: Texas A&M University officials say they will revisit a recent decision that would have banned journalism instructors from directing students in filing open-records requests about — of all things — Texas A&M policies ...

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Heat is on the First Amendment

There’s no summer slowdown when it comes to First Amendment issues. From a judge willing — if only for a time — to throw “80 years of First Amendment jurisprudence on its head” with her court order, to a congressional ...

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Win or lose, you can’t erase the news

Sometimes the meaning of the 45 words of the First Amendment seems to escape even those trained in the law. In Pennsylvania last week, two judges in Centre County — home to Penn State University — signed off on what ...

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Commentary: Why licensing journalists is a bad idea

Licensing journalists is an idea that surfaces from time to time. But it’s always a bad idea. Such proposals may originate from grudges held by lawmakers, or a political strategy to typecast journalists as biased and out of touch, or ...

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