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Jury awards $1.3M for missed heart attack diagnosis in 23-year-old man


A Montgomery County jury awarded $1.3 million to the parents of a man who did not receive prompt medical care after going to the hospital with chest pain and died of complications from a heart attack. The verdict found the emergency ...

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Study finds low recidivism, potential savings to releasing older prisoners

Deputy Public Defender Becky Feldman. (The Daily Record/Maxmilian Franz)

Though Maryland’s prison population is down and legislative changes have reduced sentences for a number of nonviolent offenses, the reform discussion has not addressed a significant portion of the prison population: violent offenders who have served decades of their life ...

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Lawsuit alleges unlicensed bail bond company filed, collected judgments

(Photo illustration by Maximilian Franz)

A proposed class-action suit filed in Baltimore Tuesday seeks to collect damages against a bail bond company and its agents whom the plaintiffs say used Maryland courts to obtain judgments under an unlicensed trade name. The suit names 4 Aces Bail ...

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Civilian Review Board may again receive police complaint files under Davis proposal

Baltimore City Solicitor Andre Davis. (Maximilian Franz/The Daily Record)

The transfer of case files relating to complaints of police misconduct to the Civilian Review Board can resume regardless of whether members have signed a confidentiality agreement, potentially ending a dispute that began over the summer.

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Committee set to finalize changes to judicial disabilities rules

Alan M. Wilner, chairman of the Rules committee, said a revised proposal concerning lawyers’ scheduling conflicts balances the trial judges’ desire to control their dockets and the lawyers’ business concerns in ‘what appears to be the reality of law practice in the 21st century.’ (Maximilian Franz/The Daily Record)

ANNAPOLIS — The committee in charge of recommending amendments to the Maryland Rules will attempt to balance concerns from stakeholders before submitting an overhaul of the Judicial Disabilities rules to the Court of Appeals for approval. Retired Court of Appeals ...

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Md. court agrees to report decision that state law preempts local solar farm regulation

Standard Solar developed, built and financed this 1.4 megawatt solar project, which is on six acres of school system-owned land at the Fort Smallwood Facilities complex in Pasadena. (Standard Solar photo)

The state has implicitly preempted local regulation of potential solar farms, according to a ruling from Maryland’s second-highest court re-issued Thursday as a reported opinion. The three-judge panel’s determination that the Maryland Public Services Commission has exclusive jurisdiction for considering applications for ...

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Parties to ‘Riot Act’ lawsuit postpone settlement talks

This police cruiser was heavily damaged during the April 2015 riots in Baltimore. (File Photo)

Parties to a massive lawsuit by dozens of Baltimore businesses over the city’s response to the 2015 unrest won’t come to the settlement table until they are finished exchanging and reviewing thousands of pages of documents in discovery. The lawsuit, ...

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Supreme Court won’t hear police officers’ lawsuits against Mosby

Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby. (The Daily Record / Maximilian Franz)

The Supreme Court declined to take up the issue of prosecutors’ immunity from lawsuits when investigating crimes and seeking charges, putting an end to the lawsuit filed by five of the officers involved in Freddie Gray’s arrest against Baltimore City State’s Attorney ...

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