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Hotel rooms: Still available

For travelers who are having difficulty finding lodging close to President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration in Washington on Tuesday, Baltimore’s Harbor Magic Hotels says “Bring ’em on.” The company’s three hotels, Pier 5 Hotel at the Inner Harbor, Brookshire Suites in ...

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Mayoral priorities

While Baltimore’s Mayor Sheila Dixon fends off an indictment and spars with the press, the mayor of my beloved hometown—that’s right, Pittsburgh, Pa.—has more important things on his mind. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported Wednesday that Mayor Luke Ravenstahl has started, ...

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2008 brought More Law

Shrinking budgets may result in laid-off corporate attorneys, but one area’s still expanding: the case volume in federal courts. Litigation in U.S. federal courts rose 9% in 2008, reports the Law360 Litigation Almanac, thanks to disputes in employment, product safety ...

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Final comments on proposed LNG plant

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has gotten more than a handful of letters from concerned citizens and environmentalists asking the group for more time to comment on its complex and lengthy final review of the proposed Sparrows Point LNG plant. ...

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Say it ain’t so, Joe

As if journalism needs something else to lessen its credibility in this age of talking heads on TV and talk radio powered by hot-air windbags, Joe the Plumber has decided to be a war correspondent in Israel for a conservative ...

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Best, worst and the year in review

Now that we’re all back at work for 2009, here’s a quick list of other blawgs’ best of, worst of, and 2008 year-in-reviews: —    May It Please The Court on legal television, decisions, sentences and trends. —    Lowering the Bar ...

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