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A funktastic legal battle

New York writer Twanna Hines hustled and scrapped to become Funky Brown Chick and she’s not about to let some Funky-come-lately take the elevator to her sex-blogging heights. Last week, Hines sued Yesha Callahan of Odenton, who blogs as Funky ...

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What would it take to get you to NYC?

The news that Southwest Airlines Co. wants to add flights at New York’s LaGuardia Airport got us thinking of the possibilities. Though the company hasn’t said where it’s going to fly to LaGuardia from, it doesn’t hurt to postulate a ...

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Hunting for car hunters

Who knew that finding a customer could be so hard? Well, maybe car dealers these days already knew that. Today’s story about how Maryland car dealerships are struggling because of the economic downturn talks about how there’s fewer people buying ...

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Rapper uncovered his own tracks

Rico Wright is not unlike a lot of people who brag about their accomplishments. But he might be the only one to receive 20 years in jail because of his boasting. Wright, 25, was sentenced on two counts of aggravated ...

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Ripken, Martinez travel to Nicaragua

I had a chance to catch up yesterday with John Maroon of Maroon PR, the agency representing Ripken Baseball. He just spent five days in Nicaragua with Cal Ripken Jr. and former O’s teammate Dennis Martinez, conducting baseball clinics for ...

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But is he suspension-proof?

The Texas State Bar has filed a grievance against a criminal defense lawyer who made what I suspect my editors would prefer I call simply “an obscene gesture” while standing before a judge with a client. Following Adam Reposa’s display, ...

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