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Would you take a do-over?

In its Question of the Week feature, The ABA Journal is asking lawyers whether, given a “do-over,” they would still choose law school. As I write, about half of the commenters are saying no. We’re curious about whether Maryland lawyers ...

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Create your own Walden Pond in Baltimore

“Project Budburst” may sound like a hokey name for an action flick, but it’s a serious undertaking to combat climate change – and you can help. The one-year-old project recently added Baltimore to its network of cities where citizen scientists ...

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One day, we’ll rule the population

Recently a bunch of partners gathered to trash-talk Generation Y. Okay, so the trash-talking was called a “discussion,” and it wasn’t backhanded whispering in the lunchroom. “Dealing with Gen-Y @ Work” was a seminar topic at the InsideCounsel SuperConference in ...

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#Coffee Wars

Walking past the now-vacant Starbucks on N. Charles St. this morning, I was propositioned by a gentleman on the sidewalk. He wouldn’t take No for an answer; I had to take a coupon for a free Caribou coffee. And the ...

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Scalia, a cameo at the after party

According to media reports, conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia made a cameo appearance following the White House Correspondents Dinner at the Vanity Fair-Bloomberg after-party, hosted at the French ambassador’s residence. WaPo reports that Scalia was a guest of ABC ...

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Women have that effect – on verdicts

With Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg – who’s battled cancer twice now – currently serving as the Supreme Court’s only female justice, it’s no surprise that many have predicted President Obama will choose a female nominee for David Souter’s soon-to-be vacant ...

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